Nina Collection

By Walter Sartore

Step into a world where nature’s vibrant beauty merges seamlessly with exquisite craftsmanship – introducing the Nina Collection by DAB Furniture. Our Nina Collection is a testament to the allure of tropical paradises in the form of rope furniture. Inspired by lush rainforests, tropical beaches, and the soothing rhythm of the ocean waves, each furniture piece resonates with the vibrant colors, organic textures, and laid-back elegance of the tropics. Whether you’re seeking to transform your home into a serene oasis or simply looking to add a hint of nature-inspired charm, our collection is designed to harmoniously blend the organic allure of ropes with the sophistication of contemporary furniture.

Our rope furniture showcases the versatile and timeless appeal of ropes, intricately woven to create stunning, durable, and comfortable pieces that effortlessly complement any setting. With a focus on sustainability, our furniture not only elevates your space but also contributes to the preservation of the environment.

Our rope furniture pieces are not just furniture; they’re an experience. As you sink into the cushions of our rope chairs or admire the intricate rope detailing on our tables, you’ll find yourself transported to a world where nature’s embrace is a constant presence. Imagine lounging on a tropical-inspired sofa that cradles you in comfort while transporting you to the tranquility of a beachside escape. The Nina Collection is designed to bring nature’s tranquility, energy, and beauty right into your home.

Nina Dining Chair by the beach
Nina Collection

Whether you’re revamping your entire home decor or simply looking to infuse a touch of tropical flair, the Nina Collection offers a range of options to suit every taste. From intricately woven rope chairs that cradle you in comfort to beautifully textured rope coffee tables that serve as conversation starters, our collection allows you to create inviting spaces that embody the essence of a tropical retreat. Discover the harmony between nature and artistry, and let the serene beauty of the tropics infuse your home with warmth and style. Explore our collection today and embark on a journey where the spirit of the tropics awaits.

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Nina Collection

By Walter Sartore

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Walter Sartore

Meet Walter Sartore as DAB Furniture designer. Sartore stands as a remarkable artisan in his field, skillfully transforming your aspirations into tangible realities. His creations go beyond mere furniture; they serve as conduits for your emotions, encouraging a deep bond with your environment. Originally starting in the textile industry, Sartore’s journey of creative exploration led DAB Furniture to evolve into true works of art.