Explore the possibilities of using your living space as a canvas for personal experiences. We are pleased to present you with the captivating masterpiece featuring Rope Furniture made by our special designer, a visionary designer who breathes life into your interior dreams.

Walter Sartore

We are honored to present Walter Sartore, an artistic genius who seamlessly merges passion, innovation, and a deep understanding of human emotions into his timeless creations. With his remarkable talent and profound sensitivity, Walter crafts designs that resonate with the very core of your being.

Sartore is one of the great masters of his art, capable of capturing your desires and making them tangible. His designs are more than just furniture; they become vessels for your emotions, inviting you to forge a profound connection with your surroundings. Sartore began in textile industries, but after going through a series of creative experiences in developing textiles, DAB Furniture is now transformed into a piece of art.

Walter Sartore’s philosophy is simple yet profound: your space should be a reflection of your soul. He believes that design has the power to elevate your mood, ignite inspiration, and create an environment where you can truly be yourself. Sartore believes that rope has many secrets entangled within its beauty, it holds the promise of endless possibilities. As it grows, we nurture its potential, guiding it towards the path of uniqueness.

Walter combines emotions and design to empower you to embrace your individuality and create a space that speaks to your heart.

Walter Sartore designs for DAB

Marrakech Collection

Ibiza Collection

Discover the extraordinary designs of Walter Sartore and unlock the boundless potential of your space. Experience a world where emotions rule, and learn how to captivate and enchant yourself through his creations. Take a journey into the realms of design and emotion as you explore them together.

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