Casa Pueblo & Corazon, Mexico

Step into a world of luxury and sophistication with DAB Furniture’s distinguished collaboration at Casa Pueblo & Corazon, a luxury haven nestled in the heart of Mexico. Our partnership with this exquisite hotel has resulted in an ambiance that seamlessly fuses comfort with grandeur.

An integral part of our collaboration is the introduction of Rope Furniture, adding a touch of coastal chic to the sophisticated ambiance of Casa Pueblo & Corazon. Crafted with precision, each piece of rope furniture effortlessly marries functionality with aesthetic appeal, elevating the guest experience to new heights.

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Our partnership with Casa Pueblo & Corazon exemplifies our dedication to delivering excellence in design with rope furniture. From concept to execution, DAB Furniture has played a pivotal role in creating an ambiance that exudes luxury and sophistication.

Immerse yourself in our rope furniture collections to witness the seamless integration of DAB Furniture’s creations with the luxurious charm of Casa Pueblo & Corazon. Experience the allure of the timeless design of rope furniture and elevate your expectations.


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