Tijili Hotel Seminyak

At Tijili Hotel Seminyak, we understand the importance of creating an unforgettable ambiance for our guests. We believe that every piece of furniture should be a statement, reflecting the culture and style of Bali while ensuring absolute comfort. This commitment to excellence is what led Tijili Hotel Seminyak to partner with DAB Furniture, your trusted source for exquisite rope furniture.

DAB Furniture is renowned for its dedication to crafting unique and high-quality furniture pieces. With an unwavering focus on design and functionality, we collaborate with local artisans to create furniture that speaks to the soul of Bali’s rich artistic heritage. Our partnership with Tijili Hotel Seminyak has allowed us to elevate their interiors to a whole new level, offering their guests an immersive experience of Balinese craftsmanship combined with modern aesthetics.

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The moment you enter your room at Tijili Hotel Seminyak, you will be greeted by the elegance of DAB Furniture’s rope pieces. From the stunning rope headboards on our beds to the cozy rope-woven chairs on your private balcony, every corner of your experience has been meticulously curated for your comfort and visual delight.

Our partnership with Tijili Hotel Seminyak represents a commitment to excellence and artistry, ensuring that your stay at the Hotel is a journey of elegance, comfort, and authenticity. Experience the magic of Bali with us, and discover the intricate beauty of rope furniture from DAB Furniture.


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